Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, invest, and empower individuals to achieve their ambitious entrepreneurial potential. Imperium Marketing Solutions is committed to the highest level of individual development. We value the undertaking of teamwork and team spirit through example and leadership.

Our Story

Imperium Marketing Solutions, Inc. has recently opened it's doors in Salt Lake City, Utah! We have been recognized as the most trusted name in customer acquisition, serving fortune 500 and emerging companies from our offices throughout the United States.

Meet the Team

We are built on entrepreneurialism and integrity; where we are passionate about our customers and  fully dedicated to achieving success together.

Daniel Careaga

Founder & CEO

Daniel is on a mission to help veterans integrate back into civilian culture, helping build their communication skills while helping them transfer their military experience into the business sector.

Outside of work, you can find Daniel with Hurley, his black Labrador. He also enjoys hiking, surfing, and loves being outdoors.

Carly Tolman

Director of Recruiting

Carly joined the Imperium team in August of 2018. I quickly fell in love with the business. I have had the opportunity to travel to California, Oregon, Florida, for various business trips. I am fiercely competitive and tend to turn even a board game into an Olympic event.

Outside of work you can find me doing yoga, painting, or trying out a new lunch spot. Being a major "foodie", I gladly accept any restaurant suggestions.

Summer Hensley

Senior Account Manager

Summer’s goal is to run a non-profit organization for retreats; to help poverty stricken individuals to become wealthy-conscious and to give them the tools necessary to change perspective and life paths. 

Outside of work, you will find Summer reading or being outdoors. She finds peace and happiness from being in nature.

Stephanie Ortega

Senior Account Manager

Stephanie always had a passion for helping people; it's her goal to help her aunt Ingrid complete the project she created in helping the indigenous children have affordable education and jobs for their parents.

When she's not working she is outdoors, hiking, or enjoying any form of art. Especially sculpting. You'll see her out mostly with her beloved dog Bandit.